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Investor FAQs

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Where are Scholastic shares traded?
Scholastic common shares are traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
What is Scholastic's ticker symbol?
Does Scholastic pay dividends?
The Company's first-ever dividend since going public in 1992 was declared on July 23, 2008. The Company now pays regular quarterly cash dividends. Computershare, the Company's registrar and stock transfer agent ,is the dividend disbursement agent.
What is Scholastic's CUSIP number?
Common Stock: 807066105
How can I purchase Scholastic stock?
Scholastic stock can be purchased through a licensed broker. At this time, Scholastic does not offer a direct purchase program.
What analysts issue reports on Scholastic?
The Company is aware of the following: Analyst Coverage
Who is Scholastic's registrar and stock transfer agent?
480 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310-1900
1-201-680-6578 (International)
TDD hearing impaired telephone numbers:
How do I replace my lost (stolen) stock certificates?
If your stock certificate is lost, stolen, or destroyed, notify Computershare at the address, telephone number or website noted above.
How can I change the address on my account?
Please contact Computershare at the address, telephone number or website noted above and be sure to include the exact name as shown on the registration of your shares, your social security number, account number and previous address in order to help us identify your account accurately.
How do I transfer my shares to a new owner?
Please contact Computershare at the address, telephone number or website noted above.
When will Scholastic report its next quarterly results?
Click here for the Calendar of Events
When do Scholastic's fiscal year and quarters end?
Scholastic fiscal year closes on May 31. Its first, second and third quarters close on August 31, November 30 and February 28 (or 29), respectively.
How can I obtain a copy of your Annual Report?
You can access our Annual Report electronically from our Annual Reports page.

If you would like a printed copy of the Annual Report, contact Investor Relations via email at or by calling (212) 343-6741.
How can I obtain SEC documents, such as a proxy statement, 10-K or a 10-Q?
Click here for SEC filings.

Printed copies of these documents can also be obtained by contacting
When was Scholastic founded?
Scholastic Corporation through predecessor entities has been in business since 1920.
What countries does Scholastic have operations in?
In addition to the United States, Scholastic operates companies in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.
Where is Scholastic's corporate headquarters?
557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. Tel 212-343-6100
Who are Scholastic's auditors?
Ernst & Young LLP, New York, NY
Are there current positions available at Scholastic?
Click here for Job Openings, Careers, and Internships.

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