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Insider Ownership

Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
alonso andres a Director 964 View
augustine cynthia Officer 7,633 View
Barge, James W. Director 10,847 View
Boyko, Alan Officer 33,009 View
campagna dennis Officer 0 View
Caponnetto, Marianne Director 7,247 View
cleary kenneth j Officer 4,148 View
Cortines, Ramon C. Director 4,174 View
Davies, John L. Director 2,216 View
durning lucinda j Officer 3,156 View
forte deborah a Officer 27,502 View
gibney robert m Officer 2,688 View
hedden andrews s Officer 26,699 View
Jemison, Mae C. Director 8,487 View
lane katrina r. Director 0 View
lucchese iole Officer 24,765 View
Mayer, Margery W. Officer 56,251 View
Mayer, Peter M. Director 16,633 View
Mcdonald, John G. Director 22,881 View
Newman, Judith A. Officer 22,791 View
O'connell, Maureen Officer 43,137 View
Oliver, Augustus K. Director 12,757 View
peter warwick Director 2,216 View
Robinson, Richard Officer 4,390,978 View
Spaulding, Richard M. Director 134,805 View
Williams, Margaret A. Director 7,247 View
young david john Director 818 View

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